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Anderson Family | Melinda Snyder Photography

Such a cute family session!

From Melinda: Gorgreous location at Gunston Hall Plantation. The children were so cooperative and the parents were up for anything. Everyone followed direction very well. When I asked for a serious pose, I got it. The kids’ clothing was so fitting for the location. I loved the post-processing on this one!

msp_Anderson_family-7818 msp_Anderson_family-7700 msp_Anderson_family-7621 msp_Anderson_family-7734 msp_Anderson_family-7642 msp_Anderson_family-7898

Photographer | Melinda Snyder
Location | Springfield VA
Web Site | http://melindasnyderphotography.com
Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melinda-Snyder-Photography-LLC/383039608436708
Session Location | Gunston Hall Plantation

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This session is just precious!

High School Senior + Fashion Blogger I Ashley Page Photography

This girl’s parents must have had a HECK of a time deciding which of these images to print big. I love them all!

From Ashley: My inspiration for this session is the senior herself!  Hailey’s  style is legendary!  She was voted “Best Dressed” of her senior class.  Thus, I had a lot to live up to when planning her session!  We decided on a mix of open fields and a pretty planned community near Augusta, GA.  One of my goals is to really listen to the senior’s wants and wishes and find a way to mesh that with my own style!  I love that the final images really portray Hailey’s personality!  She is a sweet girl with a  moderns + vintage vibe!  Hailey is not only a senior, but a lover of all things fashion!  She has recently started her own fashion blog!

AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-7 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-10 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-20 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-21 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-22 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-23 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-29 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-30 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-31 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-32 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-33 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-34 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-38 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-39 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-41 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-44 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-47 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-52 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-3 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-4 AshleyPagePhotography _ 2014-6

Photographer | Ashley Proud
Location | Augusta, Georgia
Web Site | www.ashleypagephotography.com
Facebook Page | www.facebook.com/ashleypagephotography
Instagram Username | @ashleypagephoto
Session Location | Augusta, Georgia + South Carolina

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[…] I am excited to share that Hailey’s session is featured on Photographie J’Adore today! […]

Caitlyn Pittman

Hailey is so beautiful!! These photos show off what a great sense of fashion she has and how poised she is for her age!

Twirly Girl | Elizabeth Ordonez

OK, who doesn’t love a simple, clean session with a sweet little girl? Elizabeth Ordonez faces the challenge (and yes, it’s a challenge!) of photographing her own daughter -

From Elizabeth - Photographing your own kids can be tricky once they become aware of the camera and decide to start “posing” for you. For my daughter, this happened around age three, much to my dismay. I was so excited when I finally got these photos of her acting like herself!

We went out to the park near our house around 4:00 p.m. on a sunny, Miami day. It was hot and the sun was very bright, but we were lucky to get some golden light and haze as the sun began to drop lower in the sky.

I just love these photos because they are a true representation of my little girl at this moment in time.


elizabethordonezphotography1 elizabethordonezphotography2 elizabethordonezphotography3 elizabethordonezphotography4 elizabethordonezphotography5 elizabethordonezphotography6 elizabethordonezphotography7 elizabethordonezphotography8 elizabethordonezphotography9

Photographer | Elizabeth Ordonez
Location | Miami, FL
Web Site | http://www.elizabethordonez.com
Facebook Page | http://www.facebook.com/elizabethophoto
Instagram Username |  elizabetophotos
Session Location | Doral, FL

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What an absolutely GORGEOUS little girl…and session :) !!!!!

Thank you so much for the feature :) I’m so honored!

Congrats Elizabeth! Love your work!

Lovely work, Elizabeth! This is just gorgeous!!!! <3

#PhotoLove365 – February

How have I not posted about this yet? I know I mentioned it on our Facebook page, but hey, not everyone’s on Facebook all the time, right?

So here it is. We are attempting our own 365 project and a bunch of J’adorables have joined in the #photolove365 fun – have you?

You do NOT have to be perfect – I myself have missed a few days! – and you do NOT have to make it difficult. This project is just for fun. So play along!

Here are our prompts for February -

365 Project Photography Inspiration


Would you do me two tiny favors? One, Pin this image so others can join in the fun. And two, leave your IG name in the comments so we can be sure we’re following you?

One million thank yous, and see you on IG!




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I want to try it this month!!

My IG name is mrsashleyem

Kylee Ann Bridal Session | Cody Paige Photography

Today we have a beautiful and slightly cold! session from Cody Paige. I love bridals and bridal sessions in the snow are even better!

From Cody:

Kylee is a beautiful person inside and out. She is a girl that is so easy to talk to at times I would forget that I was supposed to be taking her photos!
We decided to drive to a place we had never been before to do these photos and actually had to do a little off-roading to get there. It was well worth the trip with this remote location and the beautiful desolate appearance that made Kylee shine even more.
I tried to focus on Kylee’s natural beauty and lovely figure. I wanted to show the elegance and poise that Kylee naturally exudes, as well as photos that were quiet and reflective.
We had a lot of amazing help for this shoot!
Her stunning makeup was done by: Breannan or B. or B Beautiful Artistry. (http://www.bbeautifulartistry.com/)
Her timeless up-do was done by: Raquel Young
And her gorgeous floral arrangement was done by: Kari Salix of Salix Floral. (http://www.salixfloral.com/)

Bridal Session Bridal Inspiration Wedding photo inspiration Beautiful Bridal Session Wedding Session - Bridal Beautiful Bouquet Inspiration Bridals Inspiration Bridal Photo Session Bridal Session Inspiration Beautiful Bridals - Wedding inspiration

Photographer | Cody Paige Lowery -
Location | Logan, UT
Web Site | http://www.codypaige.com/
Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/CodyPaigePhotography
Instagram Username |
Session Location | Mantua, UT

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